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Comments on orbsinpictures.com

manuel says:    


I took the same picture as this in my room what does this orb mean?

Linda says:    


oops - orbinmypicture.com

Linda says:    



velma smith says:    


what is the meaning of a orbs in a pictures

Rob says:    


I have photos of my grandmother in a orb thats pink two hours before funeral in same clothes she was buried in no shit. Phone 226 377 9080 p;ease call to talk

sharon wiegand says:    


My Mother passed away at our home almost 20 yrs, ago and recently took a pic of my son and his friend and right on his chest was a large to medium white orb I believe is my Mom protecting him, what are your beliefs on this?

Sally says:    


I am unsure of orbs and the meanings as well as fearful of spiritual beings that are not associated with personal spiritual growth for GOD Almighty. Above my head and at my right knee in a recent picture is white orbs. A sister-in-law, once removed, stated to me what she believes the orbs mean. I believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Guidance is appreciated.

Star says:    


Great photo! I am also a photographer of the paranormal.

Kim DOttavio says:    


My boyfriend took several pictures of me goofin around one day and there were orbs in them, he looked in and back out of the camera and said there is something in this picture and when i pull my eye out of it I cant see it so he took the pictures and sure enough there were orbs in two of the pictures. we couldnt show them to anyone because they were for his eyes only if you know what I mean. it was freaky

berpatuvan b shah says:    


since february,2012 i,ve been sighting these orbs.alot of them capturing in my sony digital camera.all tis awhile ive wondering if they were planet what they do here so close to me? just today i bump into this website. is this ghost,planet,star or aliens? can someone guide me how to contact them.

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